He Fulfills

“The flour jar did not become empty, and the oil jug did not run dry, according to the word of the Lord He had spoken through Elijah.”

1 Kings 17:16 HCSB 

Part of our nightly bedtime ritual includes me putting essential oils on the feet of my boys. We feel the oil helps them relax and strengthens their bodies as they prepare for another day to come. However, there are definitely nights when if it weren’t our habit, it wouldn’t happen. This tired mama would skip straight to my own bed because I don’t have the energy. When there are extra commitments and responsibilities, that feeling may come for several nights in a row. 

This time of the year can promise so much, but at times leave us feeling so empty if we aren’t careful. Thoughts of not enough time, money, and energy, plus the misunderstandings and disappointment from others around us, and the people and challenges we only encounter during the holiday season can overwhelm. It may feel like we are trying to pour oil out of an empty bottle.  

Imagine the woman in the story from 1 Kings, trying to care for her son, yet still doing what God asked to care for one of His sons, the prophet Elijah. She did not have what appeared enough for her family, but she still shared what she had in obedience to the Lord. Sometimes we are down to our last drop-of energy, time, finances-and just want to skip the task to which we are called.  

Don’t let the world’s lies about what abundance is, or the enemy’s whispers of scarcity, turn your heart cold this season! The amazing thing is that anytime I pour out oil on others, I always walk away with some on my hands. In blessing others I receive, be it to my children or a complete stranger. This is the abundance of being rich in the Lord! He provides the time, finances, energy and resources that will not run out for what He has called us to do! 

God fulfills His promises, and the best one of all was fulfilled when He sent Jesus to be Immanuel-“God with Us!” God with us not just on Sunday in our best attire, but on the Mondays with empty oil jars and a lot of week left. 

Just like on those nights when I don’t want to do one more thing before I hit the sheets, my habits can help move me forward. Do not let the demands around you this month steal away your habit of meeting with God in His Word and sharing it and small acts of love with your children and others. If you haven’t built that habit yet, now is a great time to start! I hope you will read the whole story in 1 Kings 17 to learn more about the power of God’s Word! And may you come away full and dripping with oil to bless others!

About Selynda Vass   

Selynda Vass is now outnumbered in an all male household, (including dogs!) so she loves some good girl time! She shares a passion for parent and children’s ministry with her husband. An author and speaker with 15 years experience in social services, her best learning has come hands on as a mom to the children with whom God has blessed her through marriage, birth, and adoption. She graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University with a BA in Family Psychology. http://www.themosaicmom.com