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Emerge: Life Lessons for Single Moms
Bible Study Curriculum Sets

Receive fresh encouragement to flourish as a single mom in the Life Lessons series. Gain practical insight and godly wisdom from single-parent experts through pertinent topics relevant to the life of a single mother. Emerge from this study more equipped to handle the onslaught of responsibilities and challenges. These sets are perfect for small group or individual use. They are biblically sound, applicable to moms raising children alone, and loaded with hope. Each set is comprised of an eight-part video series and accompanying study guide. 

Emerge - Life Lessons for Single Moms, Volume 1

Volume 1 focuses on the responsibilities that come with being a single mom, including practical parenting skills and time management techniques needed in staying strong in the trenches.

Emerge - Life Lessons for Single Moms, Volume 2

Volume 2 focuses on the emotional wellness of being a single mom, including positive self-worth, healthy relationships, and the wisdom needed in enhancing personal and spiritual growth.