From One Woman to Another

In this world of busy, may I encourage you please…

We have forgotten. We have forgotten our worth. We have forgotten our name. We have forgotten our Father. We will stand within a crowd and be allured so surely by the voice of our enemy. Then we will sit inwardly distracted with the pile of lies he is always screaming. We will miss all of God’s beauty whirling around us, and exuding from us. Stuck thrashing through our own thoughts and insecurities; searching to find our value and worth from beneath those lies.

Beloved your value isn’t hidden there. Never has been. Never will be. Your value was hidden within you the very moment the Father created your essence and brought you to life. Your worth is like a dove; it comes and it rests on your heart. It is gentle and unforced. It longs to be invited.

Comparison comes to steal your beauty and tries to allure you with what could be instead of what already is. Doesn’t this sound like the enemy’s schemes? Can you see it? In the garden God had already created Eve in His image, like Him. The enemy comes and seethes the words, “He just doesn’t want you to be like Him.” But it already was and still is. We are in the image of God, and as we invite Jesus to show us the wonders of who we are within Him, we are filled with an awareness that shines from deep inside.

Our beauty isn’t manifest fully until it is illuminated in His light; all other beauty is not the truth. The beauty that is met with Jesus’ revealing work is attractive, pure, tasteful, intoxicating, enchanting and inviting. What springs forth in the light of the Son is the essence of YOU. The essence God placed when He designed YOU. You are one of a kind. You do not have to look outside of yourself for the treasure that He has buried within you. He is simply knocking and asking to be let in, to truly catalyze the essence of YOU.

He will be your gentle guide through this space and He does not require you to reach for something that is not yours. He simply awakens the wonders that have already been placed inside of you by His own hand. And in His perfect timing, He will cause YOU to burst forth and effortlessly share with the world the magnificent, endless wonder that YOU are. Restoration will be your crown and redemption will be your robe.

So you see beloved, your only role is to let go and let Him in to do the work. He will see it through in ways you could never achieve while looking to the worldly manifestations of beauty. You do not lack a thing! It is Himself placed deep within you that is the perfect representation of Beauty; of God. We cannot be separated from the glory that He is and this glory is ours, as well. The wonder and the mystery are shared and never can be parted because we are of Him and He is within us!

May you find a new depth of your beauty today as you kneel before His thrown. Let Him in and see the wonderful, glorious, mysterious design He left on your soul; then allow that beauty to shine and captivate the world’s dull view of true beauty! This world needs YOUR one of a kind beauty. May these words penetrate deep into your heart, beloved. From one woman to another, I need your beauty to see my own.

About Sarah Hall   

Hi there, I’m Sarah Hall. I migrated to Oklahoma from California when I was 17yrs old after I had joined the USAF. When most people hear my story, they think I’ve lived a hundred lives and done a million things; they might be right. Now I live here in Oklahoma City with my new Husband Charlie and our combined four children; yes my hands are full. My heart is about helping woman heal! I love to write and tell stories of all God has done in my life. I work for Holy Yoga Ministries and I teach as often as I can. Join me for a class