About Jason Scarbrough

Women’s Self-Defense

Sometimes life comes at us in ways we could never imagine. It’s important that we prepare and are able to defend ourselves. Confidence is a big advantage! Our own families can benefit from our active mindset and training at home. This session is light, informative, and fun. You’ll learn (and practice) practical movements to keep safe, such as blocking and striking moves. You’ll also learn how to protect yourself against an armed assailant and from being pinned on the floor.

Jason Scarbrough is a fourth-degree black belt and owner and operator of Mana Martial Arts Oklahoma. He opened his first self-defense academy in 2008. He trained in Hawaii for over ten years before moving back to Oklahoma in 2015. Jason teaches practical self-defense to all ages and is engaged in his community. He is one of the friendliest instructors you’ll ever meet and makes learning fun. He and his wife, April, live in Edmond and have three children.