About Gary L. Olson

Session: Legal Matters & What You Should Take Care of NOW

Everyone has a legal will. It’s either one you’ve had prepared, or by default, state law will dictate how your estate is handled. And what the state mandates will not represent your specific wishes. Even if you’ve had an attorney prepare a will for you, it may not be adequate. This session will address the minimum amount of legal work you should do to prepare in case of incapacitation or death. We’ll also discuss how to have these documents prepared at the least expense.    

Gary L. Olson spent 50 years in the financial industry, 42 of which he helped adults get their finances and personal legal documents completed and organized. He’s a certified financial planner (CFP) and financial advisor who developed financial plans for clients, demonstrating what it took for them to retire and stay retired. Gary and his wife, Shouna, reside in Edmond. He’s now retired and spends time in ministry assisting people in all areas of financial adulting.