Have You Lost Hope? // Thoughtful Part 3 // Ashley Engle

Arise Ministries
Arise Ministries
Have You Lost Hope? // Thoughtful Part 3 // Ashley Engle

If you think back on your life, when were you the most hopeful?

Are we capable of remaining hopeful during difficult times?

In this week’s session, we will discover that hope could be just a thought away! The kingdom of God is now and not yet and that reality allows us to look forward to the future and be hopeful for what is to come. Let’s explore the hope of Christ together.

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Special Guest Ashley Engle

Ashley and her husband Jeff have three kids: two sons, and one daughter. She is a full-time seminary student, but in the past has worked in the museum world, in television, as a teacher, and in ministry.  In her spare time (should she ever have any), she enjoys reading and writing, eating good food with friends and family, studying the Enneagram, and exploring new places.