Can You Discover Joy? // Thoughtful Part 2 // Ashley Engle

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Can You Discover Joy? // Thoughtful Part 2 // Ashley Engle

What is something you do with your children that brings you the greatest joy?

In this session, we will explore the idea of finding joy in all things. We will look around at our own lives and find people, places, and things that bring us joy. The story of Paul and Silas will challenge us to “count it all joy” as we face trials and tribulations in life. Now that we’ve discovered Kingdom thoughts, it’s time to add a little joy into our lives!

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Special Guest Ashley Engle

Ashley and her husband Jeff have three kids: two sons, and one daughter. She is a full-time seminary student, but in the past has worked in the museum world, in television, as a teacher, and in ministry.  In her spare time (should she ever have any), she enjoys reading and writing, eating good food with friends and family, studying the Enneagram, and exploring new places.