About Vickie Anderson

Session: Does God Care About My Mental Health?

You may be trying to do it all, but bills are due, children are sick, and you can hardly get out of bed because you feel so drained and depressed and angry. You’re always worrying about your children, but what about your own mental health? Situations such as the death of a spouse, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, or a break-up can bring a great deal of stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. The Bible is full of hope, encouragement, and strength for the single mom. Hear what God has to say about mental health struggles and learn how to cope better and live more peacefully with yourself.    

Vickie Anderson has been a certified biblical counselor for 24 years. She opened Temple Care in 2007 with a heart to help those looking for direction and someone that could listen, care, and help them through struggles. She believes we’re all in a spiritual battle and desires to guide clients through the battle to be an overcomer. God cares, hears, and has an answer for each struggle. Recognizing the battles and understanding we have the power in the name of Jesus Christ to be set free and live free is her hope for all (Ephesians 6:10-12).