About Kimberly S. Carter Thomas

Session: One is a Whole Number

The idea of being married and living happily ever after is something we’ve been exposed to from a very early age. And when friends, family, movies, and television constantly push this concept, the pressure to marry or be in a relationship can make you feel inadequate, unhappy, or insufficient. But in this session, we’ll explore the fact that “1” is a whole number, and singleness with purpose and contentment can be a wonderful and gracious gift God offers.      

Kimberly S. Carter Thomas has a heart for single mothers. As a survivor and a thriver, Kimberly is passionate about helping women discover and live the life of emotional and spiritual wholeness that comes through Christ. Migrants from Houston, Texas, to Oklahoma City, Kimberly and her husband are committed followers of Christ and give themselves to the work of ministry in their local church congregation, as well as in state and national platforms.