About Kimberly Cripps

Session: What’s for Dinner?

“What’s for dinner?” Your children ask this familiar question all the time, but often you’re also asking yourself what you’re going to do for dinner. A healthy meal is vital not only for your children but also for yourself. Finding time to plan, shop, prepare, and clean up after a meal can seem overwhelming, but this session will provide you with tips to help you spend less time planning and preparing and more time enjoying.

Kimberly Cripps, a former single mother, has learned to stretch her food dollars while staying creative in the kitchen to make healthy meals for her family. She finds so much joy in empowering others to be able to provide healthy meals for themselves and their family. She and her husband, Lonnie, live in Claremore, Oklahoma. Between them, they’ve raised a daughter and four sons and are enjoying watching them raise the next generation of three grandchildren.