About Chiquita Miller Johnson

Session: How to Hold Fast to God When Things Don’t Go Your Way

What do you do when your faith is tested by things beyond your control? How do you not only overcome disappointments in life but also help your children find stable ground in unstable times? Chiquita knows firsthand that the best plans have a way of going awry, especially when life is “life-ing.” Discover how to keep your sanity and faith while providing a safe place for your children and family to do the same. You’ll leave this session equipped with a fresh perspective on how to always be a victor and never the victim.   

Chiquita Miller Johnson, aka God’s Girl, wears many hats: entrepreneur, best-selling author, playwright, Christian comedienne, recording artist, certified counselor, certified coaching specialist, and ordained minister. She has received two honorary doctorates. One in social work services for her labor in the community restoring families and the other in Christian business and leadership for her innovative marketplace ministry. She is the founder of God’s Girl Ministries and is also a salon manager/master stylist for JCPenney. She and her late husband, Otis, have a blended family of 14 children and 20 grandchildren. (godsgirlministries.org)