About Beth Brown

Session: Are Goals Out of Reach?

Goals are not just for people in a different situation than you. If you feel like just getting through the week is hard enough or if you feel like the needs of others are dictating your life, then come prepared to change! You can take back what’s yours for you and for your family and plan a future you want!      

Beth Brown has been a nationally acclaimed speaker and Bible teacher for more than 40 years. Once a single mom herself, she is known for her warmth, wisdom, and approachable humorous style. During her 37 years in non-profit work, she authored a curriculum that has prepared hundreds of Christian non-profits to achieve resiliency, insight, and strength. Retired as acting president of one of the nation’s largest Christian foundations, she and her husband, Ken, live in Norman near their three married sons and five grandchildren. They now operate an estate sale company as a ministry to families in transition. She is passionate that God’s plan for each of us is to flourish with purpose, standing tall on our unique challenges.