About Beth Brown

Are you tired of arguing with your children about everything? It’s draining and often makes you question yourself. How do you tell your child not to expect a car at 16 like one of their friends? How do you give yourself permission to say no to unrealistic demands? In this session you’ll learn how to purposefully work together to discover the God-given unique identity of your family and devise a family mission statement to help you find clarity in the fog of crazy schedules, tight budgets, and resource commitment.

After more than 37 years in non-profit work, Beth Brown retired as the acting president of Butterfield Memorial Foundation in Oklahoma City. During that time, she led several initiatives to train non-profits and improve the delivery of services to those in need. When her sons were in their teens, she unexpectedly became a single parent. During those challenging years, she claimed the promise of Isaiah 55:13 and now shares from her experience to bring encouragement and biblically-based family principles. She and her husband, Ken, live in Norman, Okla. near their three married sons who have blessed them with four grandchildren.