About Shannon Hurt

Here you are, the mom of the teenager who always needs a ride and the toddler who always needs to know what room you’re in and “why, why, why?!” Between feeding them, working to keep the roof over their heads, and trying to go to the bathroom alone… WHO HAS TIME FOR SELF CARE?! But self-care is soul care, and we have to create the space to fill ourselves with God. In this session we’ll discover ways to squeeze in moments for yourself and learn how we can follow Jesus’ example of spending time with the Father.

Shannon Hurt has worked in full-time ministry with small groups, student leadership, and women. Now she loves to empower women through mental wellness and self-care. She also draws from her experience as a licensed massage therapist. Having been a single mom, she holds a special place in her heart for those on that journey and works for a local single mom nonprofit. Shannon lives in Oklahoma City with her husband and kids. With a son who’s a junior in college and a daughter starting pre-K, she enjoys motherhood on both ends of the spectrum and relishes any quiet time she can find!