Melody Hoppers

About Melody Hoppers

Sparking Joy! Mom Hacks to Get Organized

The idea of getting your home organized and knowing how to start that endeavor can feel daunting. The playroom with Legos just waiting for you to step on them. The closet you’ve shoved things in and pray nobody opens. The pantry that probably has some food that expired in 1996. There is NO shame here, Mama! This session will offer life hacks and budget-friendly tips to help you run your household more smoothly and keep it that way. Come sample the joy of being organized—for both your children’s sake and yours—and restore order and peace in your home through organization.

Melody, a physical therapy assistant and professional organizer, has a passion for helping people heal both physically and emotionally, as well as providing tips for making life easier as a mother through organization. As a mom of two young daughters, she knows the importance of making those chaotic school mornings run as smoothly as possible and the benefit of teaching children the skills necessary to develop autonomy. Melody has made it her God-given mission to help make people’s lives more efficient and more joyful through the gift of organization and will share her insider tips with you.