About Lakresha Ferguson

You may have thought numerous times that this is NOT how you thought your life would look right now! You’re in a single season that may be lasting much longer than you ever imagined. Whether by choice or seeming to have no other option, here you are, stepping and walking in this season of life. How do you manage it? Where do you go from here? Let’s work by beginning to refine, renew, and reinvent, according to the great Power that works within!

Lakresha Ferguson, creator of The Single Season with LAF, is currently encouraging those who are in their own single season ultimately to grow to love who they are. Once married and now divorced, she shares ideas and thoughts on how to see this season of life as a time to grow. Lakresha loves volunteering, serving, and engaging others to help bring about community and serving. She has a daughter, a college freshman, she loves dearly. Lakresha’s love for our heavenly Father has grown greater and deeper in time as she has grown greater and deeper in her faith.