Kimberly Thomas

About Kimberly Thomas

Healing of Memories

As the Wonderful Counselor, Jesus invites us to be compassionate toward ourselves as we allow the power of the Holy Spirit to heal the guilt, shame, and poor self-worth that come out of painful memories. In this session, we’ll explore the truth of the God’s Word and his promises to heal the broken places of our life and make us whole.

Kimberly lives out many roles, but her favorite roles are wife, mother, grandmother, sister, niece, friend, pastor, and life coach. She holds a doctorate degree in ministry and a master’s degree in psychology. As an ordained minister of the Church of God (Anderson), she currently serves as the lead pastor of the Community of Faith Church in Oklahoma City. Kimberly is a professor/program director in the School of Behavioral Science and Counseling at Mid-America Christian University. In her 21 years at MACU, she’s taught at least 30 different courses in the disciplines of ministry and psychology/behavioral science. Her daily goal is to please the Lord in all that she does.