Jenny Sabiston

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You’re Going to Miss This Someday

As a mom of a young child, I bet you’ve often heard some of these statements: “You’re going to miss this someday.” Or how about, “The days are long, but the years are short.”  “It’s just a phase.” “This too shall pass.” “Just wait until they are in middle school.” The list goes on and on. Although the heart behind these sentiments is usually out of encouragement, sometimes hearing them can be exhausting and not what you need to hear. How can you lean into Jesus and allow him to refine you as a mom so that you’re not wishing away the seasons but leaning into them? In this session we’ll explore practical ways you can hear from Jesus and fix your eyes on him during the long, hard, amazing, fulfilling, exhausting days of parenting younger children. 

Jenny currently serves as the associate KIDS pastor at Crossings Community Church, where her focus is on early childhood. She’s passionate about partnering with parents as they build a foundation of faith in the lives of their children. She and her husband live in Edmond where they are raising their three young boys to love God and love others.