About Jason Kushmaul

Parents of the 21st century face vastly different challenges than parents experienced in the 80s and 90s. Children now grow up with technology infused into their daily lives, and along with that, unique challenges. If you’re a parent, then no doubt you’ve spent time worrying about how to protect your children from online dangers. In this session we’ll discuss social media, dangerous apps, digital citizenship, and the problems plaguing children online.

Detective Sgt. Jason Kushmaul has been in law enforcement since 1998 and has been with the Edmond Police Department since 2001. He is currently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division. Detective Sgt. Kushmaul is a digital forensics investigator. He investigates many different types of crimes, including homicides, counterfeiting, sexual assaults, and insurance fraud. Additionally, he is a task force officer with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force where he spends most of his time going after perpetrators exploiting children online.