About Crystal Heard

Life is difficult, and we may think there’s no possible way for us to flourish in difficult environments. Setbacks, obstacles, disappointments, mistakes, and hurdles can discourage anyone. However, God promises to work everything for our good. How can you keep on keeping on in spite of circumstances? This session will change your perspective on those things that discourage you and give you the sugar boost needed to enjoy the cinnamon rolls of life.

Crystal Heard is the division chief of studies, analysis, and assessments for the 688th Cyberspace Wing of the US Air Force. She is a graduate of both the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University. When you put a microphone and a Bible in her hand, you’ll wonder if she’s an engineer or a preacher! Her desire is to educate and motivate individuals to think positively and to change perspectives on adversity. Her modus operandi is “I have been given the tongue of the wise to speak a word in due season to them that are weary.” Crystal is married and has two sons.