About Britanie Ramirez

Just because you have a relationship with Jesus it doesn’t mean you’re exempt from experiencing anxiety. The Bible says, “be anxious for nothing,” but what about when we try to overcome it and can’t? Then feeling like we’re not strong enough to overcome it causes more anxiety! This session is all about anxiety, the most common mental disorder in America. We’ll discuss what it is, who it affects, and what the Bible says about it. You’ll also learn practical techniques to reduce anxious feelings.

Britanie Ramirez is a licensed profession counselor in Yukon who works with adults struggling with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, grief and loss, and relational or interpersonal concerns. Britanie believes that the largest part of who we are is found through connections and relationships with others. She believes that everyone has an inherent need to genuinely connect with others and that each person has an innate capacity for healing when given the opportunity. Britanie is from Kansas City and was a Chiefs fan before it was cool. She is a pastor’s wife and mom to five children ranging from 3 to 18 years old.