About Ben Cox

Now more than ever, prudent home management is a key to thriving. In this lighthearted, no-experience-needed breakout, we’ll go over some tips and tricks to ensure you are the queen of your castle and not afraid to embrace your self-reliance. Safety tips, a few easy-to-do “handymom” projects, and a handful of money-saving efficiency steps will prepare you to make a positive impact on your home.

The son of a single mom and husband of a previously single mom, Ben Cox has a heart for those challenged with single parenting. He is known in the business community as someone with a knack for connecting dots and strategizing beyond common conclusions. His natural humor, approachable demeanor, and genuine desire to help individuals flourish make him a sought-out encourager, mentor and speaker. He and his wife Liz reside in Norman where they are raising their amazing, blended family of two sons.