About Angela Cotner

Is every Sunday a fight to get your kids to go to church? Do you feel the clock ticking on your time to teach your children about Jesus before their friends or the world teaches them the opposite? This session is for anyone with late elementary through high school kids who are less than enthusiastic about going to church. We will discuss how your own faith can encourage or discourage your kids to ask questions and seek answers in the right places.

Angela Cotner is an attorney, an English professor at a two-year college in Oklahoma City, and an educational consultant who helps high school students and parents decide between AP and concurrent classes. She was a single mom for ten years and currently teaches a Sunday school class for single moms at Crossings Community Church. When she’s not throwing a three-year-old-type fit to get the people she lives with to clean off the kitchen island, she loves nothing more than a good book, a hazelnut latte, and a fuzzy blanket.