Removing The Sins That Kill Us

“Well it isn’t really hurting anyone so…”

Isn’t it interesting how over time we can start to think that sin isn’t really a big deal? It makes sense… spend 10 seconds online and you’ll find article after article not only celebrating sin but also those who applaud it. It’s becoming easier and easier to fall into the lie that since it isn’t really hurting anyone, sin must not be a big deal.

A few weeks ago I was listening to a testimony of a woman speaking over her conversion. I sat in awe as she boldly proclaimed, “I wish I could pull your heart into my heart and feel God remove the thing that was killing me.”

She then shared Bible verse after Bible verse that many people would tear apart in order to criticize Christianity, but she proclaimed were the exact ones that gave her life. So my question to you today is this: How do we throw off the sins that kill us? And as moms, how do we help our children do the same in this life-is-whatever-I-feel-it-should-be culture? 

Remember we can’t do it in our own strength. There’s an important part to that woman’s quote I must emphasize: “I wish I could pull your heart into my heart and feel God remove the thing that was killing me.” This is not something we can do on our own. The Holy Spirit helps and guides us in this process. You cannot work hard enough to fix sin problems. Pray and trust God to battle for you.

Surround yourself with God’s Word. We tend to trust how we feel over the truth, and the truth is, sometimes sin feels good. Surround yourself with the truths of God’s word. Remind yourself we have an enemy who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10), and put the words of the psalmists on your heart to be reminded that God’s laws are more desirable then gold and sweeter then honey (Psalm 19:7-11). 

Get accountability. We’re not made to do life alone. We are created to need to lean on other believers and walk alongside them. Do you have a sin you really struggle with, but you aren’t sure you have the strength to stop? Talk with someone and get accountability. Do you know you need to talk to your children about a sin you want to warn them about, but you’re afraid to talk to them about it? Tell a friend that you’re going to do it this week and have them check to make sure you follow through. I know there have been lots of times in my life when I felt like I couldn’t do something, but then others helped me see it through. This is a great gift from God.

Express truth with love. If you need to confront a child about sin, express truth with love. Keep in mind that what the Bible says about sin is just as true for you as it is for them. Emphasize how God’s word teaches us that following God leads to life and freedom. Remind them that you discipline because you love and care for them. If it’s your own sin you’re dealing with, express truth with love to yourself. When we deal with sin, God gives forgiveness to us; Satan tries to throw shame. The Bible tells us that God forgives us when we turn to him, and we can be free to go live a life for him with our heads held high. You might have consequences from sin to deal with, but that does not mean it defines who you are. Walk boldly today knowing you are forgiven and loved. 

I’m not going to lie. This is a hard one. But it is a fight worth fighting. Sin destroys, but praise God through Jesus we can find freedom and proclaim truth to the next generation with love.

Kelly Wehunt, Arise Ministries Director of Events and Programs

About Kelly Wehunt

Kelly Wehunt is the Director of Events and Programs at Arise Single Moms. She has worked in several kids ministry and student ministry roles over the past 15 years and has a strong passion for helping parents see that they can disciple their kids. In her free time, Kelly loves to write, play golf, and laugh a lot with her three amazing children.