If I Did Not Know Your Name

Teaching scripture to our children within the context of everyday life is the best way to make it “stick.”  I’m always watching for an opportune moment to make the Word of God real to my boys with practical application.  On the afternoon they began arguing over routine household chores, I knew the time was right for a teachable moment.

Interrupting their verbal sparring match I asked them a question, “If I didn’t know your name, what would I call you?” 

Following a blank look, they answered, “Funny, smart, short, athletic…What kind of question is that?” I took it a few steps further, capitalizing on their curiosity.

I explained that people will know us by our actions – what they see in us. Do they see a reflection of Christ? Do they see someone who is compassionate? Do they see us stand up for the Truth? Or do they notice bickering, arguing brothers who never stop fighting about who takes out the trash? Our actions tell the world what is in our hearts. If others don’t see evidence of our love for God in our life, how will they ever know? 

I shared with them the truth of God’s Word in Proverbs 20:11.  “Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.”  Discussing this verse was not a manipulative ploy to get my kids to obey me. It was a gentle reminder to them (and me) that people will know us by what they see — the fruit in our life. Do they see someone who loves God and loves others? Or do they see a grumpy person who is never satisfied?

I challenged the boys to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ, regardless of what happens in life (Phil 1:27) because people are desperately seeking what our Savior offers. We are called to be a mirror of his love for people. I asked them again, “If I didn’t know your name, what would I call you?”

This time the answers were thoughtful and different.
“Loving my family.”

Mom, what about you? If I didn’t know your name, what would I call you? Complainer? Lover of God’s truth?  Pessimist? Hopeful?  The same truth in Proverbs 20:11 applies to us as women. We are called to reflect the character of Christ and point others to His saving grace.  People may forget our name but they won’t be quick to forget our actions.

Even a child is known by his actions.

Even a mom is known by her actions. 

What do people see in you? What would you be called if no one knew your name?

About Kim Heinecke   

Kim Heinecke wants to live in a world where children listen to the advice of their mothers without question. As a former single mom she’s been encouraging women using her life experiences in parenting, growing in the Word of God and everything in between. When she’s not negotiating with a teenager or wrestling a pre-schooler, you can find her camping in the family RV or pretending to understand sports with her husband and four sons. Read more from Kim at www.TheMomExperiment.com.