Gifts for Jesus

The greatest gift ever bestowed is Jesus Christ.  Given out of grace, love, and mercy, no present can ever top the one delivered in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago.  That is why we celebrate Christmas.  We recognize and commemorate the birth of Jesus.  Every year I never tire of reading the story of that fateful night.  I love the angels, shepherds, and the wise men following the star to honor Jesus with 3 gifts. 

Gifts for Jesus.  Have you ever presented a gift to Him?

My favorite Christmas carol is Little Drummer Boy.  Why?  Because it is a tale of a young boy who so desperately desires to offer something special to this amazing baby, but he has nothing.  He is a poor boy.  Then he thought of his drum.  He can play and use his talents to honor this newborn king. 

Gifts for Jesus.  Have you ever given Him your talent?  

Finding the perfect Christmas present can be challenging.  We race around town trying to find the ideal item from our loved ones wish list at the lowest price.  You probably have bought gifts for many people this year . . . parents, siblings, children, friends.    

Gifts for Jesus.  Have you pondered what gift you will give Jesus this Christmas? 

On my mantle hangs a stocking with the initial “I” for Immanuel, meaning God is with us.  The red-curved decoration belongs to Jesus.  Each year I spend time in prayer as I decide what gift Jesus would love to receive from me.  More of my time?  A change in my attitude?  A softening of my critical spirit?  A kind act toward my neighbor?  I write it on a piece of paper and place the slip inside the stocking for Him to open.    

I challenge you to make this the best Christmas by wrapping up what Jesus desires most from you and placing it under the tree. 

I played my drum for Him, pa rum pum pum pum 
I played my best for Him, pa rum pum pum pum, 

Go ahead.  Give Him your best.

About Shelley Pulliam   

Howdy! (A girl from Oklahoma has to use this as her greeting) I’m Shelley Pulliam, executive director of Arise Ministries and former teacher of hormone-filled 8th graders. But my real claim to fame rests in my award as second grade spelling bee champ and my recent gun-handling skills as I train to competition shoot. It helps me be on guard when Satan comes knocking. I’m a voracious reader and can frequently be found at the theater enjoying movie marathons where my record stands at six in one day. I’m a single, never married, who loves to pour into children at every opportunity. Let me know if you have any for sale. You can connect with me on social media.