A Letter for Mother’s Day

This is what you can do for your mom this Mother’s Day.

For my mother, Carol Volk…without whom I would have been so much less…


Without you, I might never have known how to laugh…to nurture…to grow.

Without you, I might never have known how a mother’s hand can heal the hurt – can bind the wounded.

Without you, I might never have given a second thought to opening my eyes to the broken and needy, hungry not just for food, but compassion.

Without you, I might have lived all my life without learning that forgiveness is a soothing blanket that warms the coldest heart.

Without you, it is possible that I would have missed out on the utter joy that silliness with children can bring – or how their laughter is a beautiful song that fills the house with music.

Without you, I could have possibly been drawn in to a disposable life, ready to run at every hardship – I might have sunk slowly into selfishness.

But God knew I needed to be taught how to love – how to give – how to serve.

He knew I needed to learn the fulfillment that comes from bringing joy to someone else.

He knew that I would learn sacrifice best by watching a sacrificial life.

He knew the best way to establish my marriage and family, would be to set my roots deep into the soil of a soul who could show me that commitment, while not easy, is the foundation that generations are built upon.

In His wisdom, He determined I would best flourish under protection and acceptance, hope and laughter.

So, Divine Providence settled me into your arms, under your wing, and in your heart – so that I could learn Him – through you.

Out of His great love for me, He, Himself, determined that I would not have to live without you.

And for that most precious gift – I will be forever grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.  I love you.  

Debbie Maulsby

About Debbie Maulsby   

My name is Debbie Maulsby…and I am a grandson-aholic. I unashamedly pursue any chance to be within hugging distance of my four boys. When I absolutely have to let them get on with the business of going to school or taking naps…I race to my computer because, after my family, what I love most is words. I process life through writing. A famous author once said, “The idea is to write so that people read it, and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.” I am forever grateful for the opportunity to share Him, so that He can go straight to someone’s heart. At times you will find me planting my flowerbeds, fishing at the family cabin, reading, or walking…but always the words pull me. Connect with me at www.DebbieMaulsby.com, or @DebbieMaulsby on Twitter. I can’t thank God enough for the opportunities He has given me to serve women through various Bible studies, leadership teams, and writing. And chocolate…I can’t thank Him enough for chocolate.