A Holy Visit

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through my mind,

Was an unsettled stirring of being behind.

The stockings are stuck in storage somewhere,

And an ornament hook is caught in my hair.

The children can’t sleep from their colds and their flu.

One coughs and one cries, and one spits up on cue.

Just once could we celebrate this season so merry

Without buying a medicine flavored in cherry?

I’ve visions of nestling all snug in my bed,

But that has to wait – I’ve got wrapping instead.

I’ve paper and bows, I’ve got cute Christmas tagging,

I can finally start–Wait–is that the dog gagging??

There are dinners to plan and cookies to bake,

And programs with angel wing costumes to make.

The placemat, TV said was simple, “Just glue it!”

Is crooked and obviously non-Martha Stewart.

Quiet, I sat, surrounded by failures,

Undone, overwhelmed; I needed a Savior.

Someone to help me come pick up this mess,

To organize, wrap and wipe tears of distress.

My name, did I hear it? Sing soft and hum low?

I threw open the door and watched new fallen snow.

Horseshoes slipped on, blanket thrown around shoulders

Beauty fell on the earth and seemed to enfold her.

Snow falling on snow makes a beautiful sound

Like the silence of worship to those all around.

How the music of angels must have split the night sky

On the night He was born as they sang from on high.

And there as the moon glistened bright on white ground

While the flakes touched my cheeks in the stillness around.

His Spirit, so loving, His grace abounds much,

That my heart felt a calm like the warmth of His touch.

“Oh Child, Oh Beloved, Oh Dear One of Mine,

My Chosen, My Blessed One, My Holy Design,

My Treasured Possession, you don’t have to try…

You are precious – The apple of this Father’s eye.

“You with your lists and your wishes and dreams,

You with your brokenness, I know it seems,

Like you’re all alone, abandoned, forgotten.

But, I sent Him for you – My Only Begotten.

“He knew from the start – He couldn’t resist

He needed you with Him, Your face is God-kissed.

So He came as a Baby, a King in disguise,

Your Way, Your Redeemer, Your Holy Most High.

“Your Shelter, Your Rock, Your safe Hiding Place

When life seems disordered – lift eyes to His face.

Gaze into eyes who formed you and knit you,

Who sees not your failures, but the you He made new.

“Now Daughter, know truly that I honor you.

Not because of your lists or for what you can do.

But Simply because you are my Delight.

My Own Masterpiece shining bright in my Light.

“Don’t forget, Precious One, He came as a Lamb

He sacrificed freely, this Shepherd, I Am.

Remember My Sweet One, as life tramples and whirls,

Your King shines for you, watch His love unfurl.

“So gather these Truths, let them settle in deep

Your bright Morning Star – every promise I’ll keep.

With each breath, breathe in Hope, and your heart with each beat,

Resounds with my Grace, Child, in Me you’re complete.”

Then I stepped back inside, surrounded by messes

With long lists and sick ones, yet still He caresses

My heart, while still busy with much left to do, 

Knows humbly the Truth of belonging, to Whom.

So dash away, loneliness, anger, regret,

Remember that I am not meant to forget

I’ve been God chosen, God bought, and embraced,

By a sacrificed Lamb, who covers with Grace.

About Debbie Maulsby  

My name is Debbie Maulsby…and I am a grandson-aholic. I unashamedly pursue any chance to be within hugging distance of my four boys. When I absolutely have to let them get on with the business of going to school or taking naps…I race to my computer because, after my family, what I love most is words. I process life through writing. A famous author once said, “The idea is to write so that people read it, and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.” I am forever grateful for the opportunity to share Him, so that He can go straight to someone’s heart. At times you will find me planting my flowerbeds, fishing at the family cabin, reading, or walking…but always the words pull me. Connect with me at www.DebbieMaulsby.com, or @DebbieMaulsby on Twitter. I can’t thank God enough for the opportunities He has given me to serve women through various Bible studies, leadership teams, and writing. And chocolate…I can’t thank Him enough for chocolate.