20 Christmas Commandments For A Single Mom

1. I will ask Santa for a vacation to the Bahamas…ALONE… and a nanny back home to take care of the kids and laundry.

2. I will prioritize unforgettable experiences over unmet expectations.

3. I will create at least one new holiday tradition for my family and make it memorable.

4. I will tell my inner critic that things don’t have to be perfect so I can go from Merry “STRESSmas” to Merry “CHRISTmas.”

5. I will accept that “it is what it is” and thank God that no matter what, He is in control of my well-being, my kids, my chaos. 

6. I will hold close to heart my loved ones who are with Jesus this Christmas.

7. I will watch out for the “overs” and not use my current situation as an excuse to OVERshop, OVEReat, OVERwork or be OVERwhelmed. 

8. I will remember that more is not better. 

9. I will celebrate the blessing of my circle of friends and supporters: my church, my family, and Arise Single Moms. 

10. I will wake up Christmas morning celebrating Jesus in my heart.

1. I will not tell the kids Santa ate the chocolate out of their stockings when I know full well I did it.

2 .I will not wear myself out trying to please everyone remembering that “NO” is not a curse word.

3. I will not let myself feel like a failure because the kids are not getting everything on their wish list. 

4. I will not forget to put this note on my bathroom mirror: PAMPER THYSELF. 

5. I will not let myself feel incomplete because I’m the only single parent at the school holiday event.

6. I will not compare my Christmas decorations to those moms on Pinterest who have nothing else to do.

7. I will not allow toxic people to take up space in my head.

8. I will not forget to make Jesus a birthday cake, one complete with candles for the kids to blow out.

9. I will not fill my emptiness by dating men that are not God’s best for me.

10. I will not forget this season is about Christ—my Redeemer, my Comforter, My Provider, and the One who came to this earth to give me hope in life’s journey.

About Pam Kanaly

Aloha! I’m Pam Kanaly, President and co-founder of Arise Ministries. But actually, I think Arise found me wanting to bless single moms years ago. Ministry was never on my mind as a kid. All I wanted to be was a hula dancer. So Mother enrolled me in the tiny tots’ class. Guess God knew I’d have two grandbabies born in Hawaii. I love the great outdoors. You might even find me spending time with my husband grizzly bear watching or camping. In fact, it was on a turkey hunt that God gave me the name Arise Ministries in 2002. I suppose it’s a good thing that I majored in Grammar in college since I love to write words of encouragement to single moms.